\ the State of having come together toward a common point

Do all things converge for the better?  No.  Four lanes converging into one makes a Friday drive home a little much to digest.  State seeks and promotes the “good-kind” of convergence in marketing and our day-to-day operations.

“Coupled with the global economic crisis, convergence is key for firms wishing to remain profitable and successful when everyone is spending less and cutting costs and looking for greater, lasting impact. Convergence is also about excellence and creating lasting quality while forging ahead with a better model.”

— Scott Goodson, Forbes

State is a multifaceted organization with crossover experience in various marketing fields. State has taken the most common marketing tools under one umbrella to create monetized efficiencies.  By internalizing various marketing processes and finding opportunities to converge skill-sets and equipment State creates efficiencies and improves marketing opportunities.  As an example, because State produces promotional apparel and collateral print material internally State shaves off transportation time and costs as both components can be assembled and handled one-time at State’s facility and once at your destination when delivered.  Since State manages the digital assets and coordinates as a single point with your creative department or agency State can also save time and money and make the impossible, possible.  State promotes continuity in quality and because the manufacturing processes are internal State maintains consistency.

Let’s Converge!