We are a team of dedicated professionals with over 25 years of experience in the printing industry.

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Get a 15% Discount Coupon

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50% off screen charges for any existing recurring jobs (proof of recent production required).

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*Conditions apply. Contact us for details.

Our state-of-the-art facility is 20,000 square feet located in North York, Ontario equipped with some of the best-of-breed printing technologies in the industry.

Our high-capacity presses and laser-to-screen technology allows us to produce high-quality, high-volume prints with maximum efficiency.

Screen Printing Technology

Innovative technology, quality results

Revolutionize your printing process with our high-capacity presses and laser-to-screen technology for top-quality prints at maximum efficiency!

Achieve better results with better tools.

Screen Printing Technology

No Film.
No Ink.
Less Hydro.

We ensure that your designs are accurately and efficiently met, with precision using the latest Computer-to-screen (CTS) technology.

Creative Art Department

Our experienced art department can help bring your designs to life with high-quality separations.

We can also help you design concepts from scratch

With our years of retail experience, we can enhance corporate designs and make them more attractive and impactful.

Need help with a presentation? If you are our client, we’ll consult on design ideas and even help mock-up presentations.

   to submit a picture and we’ll apply our magic!
Go State - Screen Printing

Our Pantone Ink Mixing system is compatible and allows us to match (most) corporate colours.

We offer a wide range of specialty inks to add unique and eye-catching effects to your designs.

  • puff
  • glow in the dark
  • metallic
  • glitter/shimmer

The inks we use are lead and phthalate free. They are tested regularly by international retailers and brands making them a safe choice for the environment and your business.

Contact one of our print specialists for more information.

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Textured HD

Screen Printing Services - Textured HD

Puff Embroidery

Screen Printing Services - Puff Embroidery

Glitter Shimmer

Screen Printing Services - Glitter Shimmer

Puff with Gloss Gel

Screen Printing Services - Puff with Gloss Gel

Speaking of Art...

There is no limitation on creativity when designing for sublimation.

From all-over seam-to-seam printing to matching corporate colours, the sky’s the limit.

Bob Izumi

Process Driven

Our automation system ensures fast, trackable, and efficient turnaround times.

Our service-centric approach encourages constant communication to keep you aware of all the processes so there are no surprises.

Advantages include:

  • 🔷Live tracking with push-updates
  • 🔷Faster approvals
  • 🔷Early notification of needed materials such as artwork and garments
  • 🔷Better management of resources

A Trusted Partner

Our experience and expertise in the screen printing industry has made us a trusted partner and allowed us to print for many brands large and small.

Best Screen Printing Service GTA - Clients: Canadian Best Screen Printing Service GTA - Clients: Coors Light Best Screen Printing Service GTA - Clients: Corona Best Screen Printing Service GTA - Clients: Hummingbird Best Screen Printing Service GTA - Clients: Labatts Best Screen Printing Service GTA - Clients: Porsche

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